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A New Model of Property Factor

     See exactly what’s going on

     Feel part of a community

     Deal with people you can trust

See exactly what’s going on

Feel part of a community

Deal with people you can trust

Edinburgh based Property Factor

We believe there is a better way for people to maintain where they live in partnership with their communities

changing property factor

Changing Property Factor

Fed up with your current Property Factor not providing an adequate level of service or value for money? Frustrated that your building is not being maintained as it should? 

Chances are your neighbours feel the same. Sounds like its time for a change!

We’ve saved our customers up to 47% in Management Fees, and up to 40% in Block Insurance!

We also treat your building as if it is our own. 

If you’re unsure how to go about changing Property Factor, leave your email address below and get our free guide on “How to Change Factor” to help get you started. 

Our team can then help guide you through the process.


Full Management Service

We engage and collaborate with owners to ensure their building is maintained for a reasonable cost. Owners decide what happens when. No work is carried out without instruction.

Self Factoring

If you wish to manage your building yourself, we give you the option to use our system to self-factor. You also benefit from access to our additional services if you need them.

Additional Services

We offer a number of additional services including on-site inspections, arranging building surveys, project management of major works and arranging community projects.


Key Functionality 


Everyone can raise and see issues, track progress through to completion, and get sight of supplier invoices.

Connects you

Get real time updates. Comment on issues raised and works carried out. Communicate with your property manager. Chat to your neighbours.

Our Property Factor Platform
Our Property Factor Platform


ISO standard security means that all your personal information is kept safe and secure and is only accessible to those with the authority to view it.


All key information is accessible to all residents, owners, property managers and contractors allowing for a more efficient way of working.

Who We've worked with

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  • The Geovation Scotland Accelerator Programme helped turn our idea into reality.
  • Partnerships with academia via Interface have helped us improve our service and innovation.
  • Participation on the RBS Accelerator Programme is helping us grow sustainably.
  • All of the above is enabling us to bring something different to the market and offer a real choice for homeowners.

What people say

Paul Jeffrey
Paul Jeffrey
Our block decided to move to AboveBoard Homes after some truly terrible service received elsewhere. We're now three months into service with Sarah and her team and the experience has been of such a different level that it's making us regret how long it took us to move Factors! The AboveBoard team are diligent, attentive and look at each aspect of property management as an opportunity to improve rather than just a box ticking exercise of "that's been inspected" and nothing more. The online portal and invoicing system makes everything crystal clear and we're getting regular updates and information sharing on all aspects of the block. True attention to detail and fantastic service all round. Recommended.
Stephen Cannon
Stephen Cannon
Sarah and Above Board are amazing, great communication, everything is looked at to ensure all our factoring needs are taken care of and a super professional job is being done. I’m so impressed and a massive step up from our previous factor. Feel totally safe to put our building in their hands.
Joy Mudia Onaghise
Joy Mudia Onaghise
Working with Aboveboard Homes as a digital marketing intern, was an amazing experience. I must say, Sarah made working easy and fun. What stood out for me; is how caring she was to us(interns), allowing us work at our own time. She was always willing to assist with anything needed to deliver on our assigned task. Sarah is not only an expert with a great understanding on "property factor", she is honest, always willing to help and is keen on delivering values to her clients. Permit me to add that Aboveboard Homes is great model that should be embraced by owners and tenants looking for a better alternative to their current factor especially in Edinburgh. Thank Sarah.
Alice Stewart
Alice Stewart
Would highly recommend Sarah from Above Board. We are a small block of flats and her personal service has been great to bring us all together.
melissa jungnickel
melissa jungnickel
We recently appointed AboveBoard Homes as the factor for our mixed owner/resident tenement property. The service that we have received has been excellent. Communication with AboveBoard is open and transparent; Sarah has visited the property to speak to owners, she offers phone consults and we have had online meetings. The property factor platform is also user friendly and provides an easily accessible, up-to date method of viewing current/ongoing issues and upcoming schedules
Chris Holdsworth
Chris Holdsworth
Sarah at Above Board has gone out of her way to help and communicate with myself and my fellow residents/owners when we appointed AboveBoard Homes as our factor. Sarah met with us online and in person, explained everything clearly and was always there to help or as a point of contact if we needed it. Sarah's willingness to accomodate us all and give us the time we needed to make decisions as a block is great. She leaves no stone unturned and regularly chases up outstanding work or repairs. The AboveBoard Homes portal is great as well. Simple and clear.
Graham Clark
Graham Clark
Sarah and Above Board Homes go the extra mile always. They are extremely professional and creative. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a top class service at a reasonable price. Im very excited to have Above Board Homes as our factor.
Spoke to Sarah about what could be done about the factoring in my property, she was courteous and professional. Looks like on to real money saving winner.
Angus Russell
Angus Russell
Sarah was clear, incredibly responsive and helpful. A pleasure to deal with!

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