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Property Factoring Services

We offer bespoke property factoring services for tenements, new build flats and housing estates or the option to self-factor using our platform.

Property Factoring Services

property Factoring Services

We offer property factoring services based on what you want. Management of your building is entirely flexible based on your maintenance needs. Alternatively, you can use our system to self-factor your building. 

Core Services

Your property manager arranges and monitors the core services agreed with you including routine property maintenance and essential repairs. They also arrange regular meetings with residents, to discuss what needs to be done, and to get feedback on what's going well and where there’s room for improvement.


Whether it’s routine property maintenance or unplanned repairs, your property manager maintains a list of local contractors we know can get the job done. To work with us, contractors must have the necessary certifications and vetting, and continually rate highly with our customers. Customers have the opportunity to rate work after every job.

Emergency Repairs

Should the worst happen, it’s good to know you have a number you can call to get the right contractors on site to resolve the situation. Be that day or night. Health and safety, and prevention of building damage is paramount during an emergency.

Financial Management

We take care of all things financial to ensure your building accounts are accurately maintained. This includes contingency funds, floats, setting budgets, taking payments from owners, and paying contractors. Balanced books subsequently means you get on with your life whilst your property remains in good shape.

our customers

Whether you live in a tenement, new build flat or housing estate, having been owner occupiers with a property factor, we understand what should be done well in the management of your property. You should feel happy where you live and feel part of a community.

Paying for the services of a property factor

You shouldn’t be spending your valuable free time on unnecessary admin and chasing for updates. You should be able to see exactly what’s going on at any time. 


All issues raised should be visible, and you should be able to provide feedback and rate work carried out, to ensure that high standards are maintained. Key information about your property should be easily accessible.


Communication between neighbours and your property manager should be easy and transparent. Regular meetings should be held so you can have your say on what needs to be done and how things are going.

Value for money

There shouldn’t be any surprises in your invoices, you should feel you are getting value for money for your regular property maintenance and repairs. You should feel comfortable that the heritage of your building and your investment are being protected. You should be able to deal with people you can trust.


You should feel safe knowing your building is actively protected to meet health and safety standards, and is being maintained to a high level for long-term sustainability.

our contractors

One of the key drivers for starting AboveBoard Homes was the frustration of paying for substandard work carried out.

We use recommended contractors,  network reviews and customer feedback to maintain a pool of local contractors our customers can depend on to do a good job.

We choose to support local, small contractors because:

  • we aim to provide a better level of service.
  • we want to support the local neighbourhoods we operate in.
  • working with local companies helps them reduce their carbon footprint and work more efficiently.
We check our contractors are fully vetted, have full insurance cover and comply with all health & safety regulations.

If you are an Edinburgh based contractor that would like to work with us, please contact us.

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