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Add-On Services

We offer a number of maintenance add-on services to support your building in the long-term, as well as a free switching service.

Maintenance Add-On Services

maintenance add-on Services

If you’re not satisfied with your current factor, the chances are your neighbours feel the same, and its time for a change. If you’re unsure how to go about changing factor, our team can guide you through the process.

Contact Details

You can request your Owners Association to arrange a meeting to discuss changing factors and take a vote to switch. Otherwise, you can do this yourself. You’ll need to gather contact details in order to set the meeting up and we can help with this process.

Title Deeds

When you live in a new build, you will be tied up with the property factor for a period of time (as detailed in your title deeds). You must fall out-with this tie-in period before you can change factor. This doesn’t apply when your title deeds are silent.

Setting up meeting

Once you have gathered your neighbour’s details, arrange a meeting to discuss changing factor and take a vote. You must get interest from enough owners (a quorum) to attend the meeting to ensure the vote counts.

Taking the vote

When enough people are at the meeting (a quorum), a vote can be taken to get rid of your current factor. If you get a majority vote in line with your deeds, you can then notify your current factor you wish to terminate your agreement with them. Our onboarding team will then get you set up .

change factor

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