Friends of Giles Street

Friends of Giles Street

AboveBoard Homes have community as a central pillar of why we do what we do.

Getting to know your neighbours and getting involved can lead to happier homes and a feeling of inclusion.

As part of our offering, we want to encourage homeowners and tenants to help out with jobs to be done in their development to save money and to get to know their neighbours, as well as helping out in the wider community to get to know people and bring back pride in their local areas.

As people’s working habits change, with working from home more mainstream, they realise they have more free time, and money savings, however, at the same time many report feeling lonely due to reduced human interaction, and find it difficult to switch off when working from home. In addition, more and more people are finding themselves made redundant after the initial furlough period. This timing makes for an opportunity to save money, and get to know neighbours, and others in their community like no other.

A local resident in Leith, Sarah Fraser was not to be undone by the pandemic. During the first  lockdown, faced with a street scene of dirty graffitied walls, weed addled pavements, pockets of stagnant litter, and a sun trap that no one wanted to sit at, she got to work.

Starting on her own, her efforts quickly drew the attention of neighbours who became all too happy to help when they saw the plan in action. A wall once covered with graffiti, is now a mural completed by a young local artist as a dedication to Leith.

Sarah founded the ‘Friends of Giles Street’ Group and also started a #GoFund me page to raise funds for their works. 

Edible Estates have also got involved and helped them with their green space.

Simple acts, and the generosity of people to share their time, and get to know each other, for the community good.

We know Sarah well, our kids are friends.  Walking along Giles street we are impressed and inspired every time we see the fruits of their labour. Giles Street has been transformed by her and her neighbour’s efforts.

It has been very impressive to see what people can do when they come together. They are continuing their efforts and as a result, the street it is now a clean, safe environment for both adults and children to enjoy.

This is the type of situation AboveBoard love and want to foster. The pandemic has allowed us to understand why we are doing what we are.

For more details re the mural, please refer to below articles by the Edinburgh Reporter:

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