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We believe there is a better way for people to maintain where they live in partnership with their communities


Building trust in a relationship starts with honesty and openness


Getting to know your neighbours and getting involved leads to happier homes and a feeling of inclusion

Value for money

Value can mean different things to different people but we can all agree on the need for value for money


Feel empowered to have your say, ensure your money is wisely spent


Consistent Pricing

The pricing structure for our bespoke management service is based on the type of property, not the value of the property or the postcode.

Frequency of Services

For regular services such as stair cleaning and grounds maintenance, make it bespoke by deciding how frequently these jobs get done; weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Free Switching Service

Whether in a tenement, flatted or housing development, moving to our property management platform is a process we will take you through from start to finish. From voting to change, to selection of the best suited property factor package, your AboveBoard account manager will guide you through.

Latest technology

Using the latest online property management technology, tiresome property factor related tasks are no longer a thing. Easy communication between factor, neighbour, and contractor in conjunction with simple, transparent issue resolution saves time and frustration. Easy access to invoices, documents, and financials reduces admin, 24/7.

Option to self-factor

If you’re in a position to self-factor, we step back from our bespoke property factor service, and let you run the show using our property management platform. Ideal for tenements or developments with residents’ associations, a more independent property factoring experience with full access to a trusted network of contractors.



Price per property
£ 8
  • Bespoke Management by AboveBoard
  • Full Support Package
  • Easy to use Portal


Price per property
£ 5
  • Bespoke Management by AboveBoard
  • Housing Development Support Package
  • Easy to use Portal


Price per property
£ 2
  • Managed by residents
  • Access to trusted traders
  • Easy to use Portal
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