AboveBoard Homes

Our Environment

We care about the impact our business has on the environment.

Our Environmental Sustainability Objectives

  • Work remotely.
  • Use video calls to minimise travelling & digital apps to share files.
  • Paperless billing.
  • Use recycled paper when required & recycle paper and ink cartridges.
  • Use alternative modes of transport.
  • Work with local companies.
  • Check our partners eco-credentials.
  • Be a Green Champion.
  • Become a Green Network member.
  • Achieve Bronze level Pledge for Resource efficiency in next 12 months.
  • Use a Green Energy Provider.

Supporting residents to live sustainably

  • Regular building inspections.
  • Use smart meters.
  • Use renewable energy.
  • Use IoT sensors.
  • Separate waste.
  • Recycle, reuse, borrow, swap.
  • Living lawns.
  • Plant trees.
  • Support local.
  • Install EV chargers.
  • Install solar power.

Supporting local small businesses

  • Work with local companies.
  • Check partners’ eco-credentials.
  • Minimise their travel.
  • Use digital apps to share files.
  • Paperless billing.
  • Collaborate with other green companies.

Supporting local projects

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