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Diversity & Inclusion

We believe fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace enables us to better serve our customers.

Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity and inclusion in the workplace helps engage team spirit, encourage creativity and innovation, no matter what their role in the business. Unique viewpoints come from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives and help shape our business. We believe it is crucial for fostering innovation, has a positive effect on the culture of the business and helps better serve our customers. 

AboveBoard Homes Policy

  • All employees are treated fairly and with respect – no one is treated differently.
  • Open communication at all times – we want our employees to engage and communicate with each another.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to our success – we want our employees to be heard and feel equally involved in the business.
  • Valuing everyone as an individual – we all benefit from our individual experiences and ideas.
  • Flexible home working to work round our employee’s busy schedules – so our employees can work when they are most productive.
  • Part-time opportunities – we appreciate not everyone can work a 9-5.
  • Volunteering ‘days off’ – we offer our employees one day off a month to volunteer in local community projects.
  • Provision of training – we want our employees to reach their goals.
  • Regular employee reviews – feedback is key so we can continually support our employees with their well-being.
  • Regular reviews of our employment practices – to ensure we are offering the best terms for our employees.
  • Compliant with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation – we want everyone to have a chance.

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