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About Us

We believe there's a better way for people to maintain where they live in partnership with their community.

About Us

our mission

Through interaction and co-operation, we can create an opportunity to lower costs and improve life for everyone.

the aboveboard homes story

AboveBoard Homes is based in Edinburgh and is co-founded by Sarah Morrison and Jamie Henderson. 

AboveBoard Homes came about a result of being property factor customers for many years, experiencing the pain points people are dealing with – continually increasing costs, things not being dealt with, lack of flexibility and poor communication, to name a few. 

‘AboveBoard’ was chosen as the name of the business, as we are open and honest about how we operate, and want our customers to be able to trust us to provide a high level of service.

To help us achieve our vision, AboveBoard Homes has been on the Geovation Scotland Accelerator, we’ve worked with Edinburgh University Business School,  Heriot Watt University and DataLab to help us improve our business strategy, and our property factoring service through innovative technology; we made it to the AccelerateHER semi-finals in 2021 and we are currently on the RBS Accelerator which is helping us grow sustainably. 

Working closely with the Institute of Residential Property Managers ensures AboveBoard Homes is in tune with the latest legislation and regulations, and we are supported by business communities such as Scottish Women in Business and ConnectED.

The AboveBoard Homes team know how things should be done and believe a quality property factoring service must:

  • embrace how owners and residents want their homes cared for that’s financially inclusive for all.
  • continuously improve to address customers concerns and issues.
  • consider its impact on people’s lives, their community and the environment.
  • use the latest technology to make things easy and efficient.
  • offer a strong alternative to what’s currently available.

We believe there’s a better way for people to maintain where they live in partnership with their community. Supporting local makes neighbourhoods better places to live and also helps our partners work more sustainably. 


our core values

  • Trust –  honesty and transparency is fundamental to maintaining a good relationship with our customers and partners.
  • Continuous Improvement – your feedback and our use of innovative technology helps to enhance our service.
  • Empathy – we get that issues with your property can affect your daily living. 
  • Innovation – utilising the latest technology, and working with academia, we strive to provide a best in class platform.
  • Interaction – we seek connections, build relationships, and form part of the community.
  • Perseverance – challenges, including those created by the pandemic, don’t sway us from reaching our goals.

the Aboveboard Team

AboveBoard Team

Sarah Morrison

Co-founder & CEO

Mum, partner, traveller, hill-walker, and wild swimmer, Sarah loves the outdoors.

AboveBoard Team

Jamie Henderson

Co-founder & CTO

Dad, partner, and gamer, Jamie enjoys hanging out indoors.

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